Outpatient coding service is a specialized field, in which coders review patients’ medical files, and translate the documentation into industry standard code to be used for submitting claims to third party payers. The information is also used to gather statistics, by identifying incidents of diseases, and identifying trends in treatment. In short, accurate outpatient medical coding is vital to the healthcare industry. Of course, the main purpose is to ensure that outpatient facilities are properly reimbursed for services rendered, but long after those claims are paid, the information contained therein is used to ensure quality of care industry-wide.

Outpatient Coding Services

Outpatient facilities, understandably, expect a high level of accuracy from their medical coders, who have to abstract page upon page of written information, and translate it into standardized codes. Increasingly, medical facilities are outsourcing their outpatient coding services to companies like GlobalEdgeUSA. This eliminates a number of problems, including staff turnover and the need for ongoing training. Our coders are AACP certified, and fully conversant with the issues that affect the fiscal health of your outpatient facility.

Obviously, you expect your outpatient coding service to not only assign the correct codes for reimbursement,but also review claims for accuracy before they are submitted. At GlobalEdgeUSA, we meet those expectations, and exceed them by working with you to identify potential weaknesses in your medical documentation. We want to partner with you to ensure your success, and one of the ways we do that is by helping your personnel to handle the transition from ICD9 to ICD10. The data will be far more specific, and that can be overwhelming. GlobalEdgeUSA will get you through the transition with 24-hour turnaround time and full support whenever you need Outpatient Coding Services.

Our outpatient coding service personnel are seasoned professionals, so you can feel fully at ease handing over your coding needs, and focusing on other aspects of your practice.

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