• ASC Coding Service

  • ASC Coding Services

ASC coding is a specialty in and of itself. It is essentially a facility-based service; however, Medicare Requires ASCs to submit their bills to the fee payers, using the facility fee claim form. The bundling edits and regulations are different for ASCs than they are for hospitals or for surgeons. Sometimes, the hospital rules apply, and other times, the surgeon rules apply. Given the level of complication, and the potential for revenue loss, it is no wonder that many facilities choose to make use of an outsourced ASC coding service.

ASC Coding Service

How complicated is ASC coding? It is actually far more complex than you may think, and services that specialize in ASC coding know that just one modifier, used improperly, can be the kiss of death for an otherwise perfect claim. In other words, thousands of dollars can be lost, or tied up for quite some time.

At GlobalEdgeUSA, we offer ASC coding services (Ambulatory Surgery Center Coding Services) for a variety of different ASCs. Sometimes, they simply don’t have the labor pool available to make handling their own coding easy and cost-effective. More often, though, they simply prefer to hand over their ASC coding service that knows the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance, along with the changes that have come from the move from ICD9 to ICD10.

Using state-of-the-art remote technology to access your medical files, we can code for you just as easily and effectively as if we were sitting in your office. Our staff brings years of experience to ASC coding service, and offer a level of accuracy that is unparalleled within the industry. We also offer 24-hour turnaround time, and full support. In short, GlobalEdgeUSA is there for you when you need ASC coding services. You can leave your ASC coding to us, and devote your time and energy to other tasks.

GlobalEdgeUSA is specialized in providing ASC Coding Services / Ambulatory Surgery Center Coding Services. If you would like to receive a free quote? call +1.510.257.4563 or eMail us at info@GlobalEdgeUSA.com.